We offer a range of solutions to your printing needs – full colour high resolution digital printing, screen printing, anoprinting etc

Under Surface Print

Watsons will breathe life into your designs using an unlimited range and number of colours for printing. Specific Pantone, Ral or BS colours can be chosen, or any colour can be matched from a sample, ensuring that branding and corporate colours are correct and repeatable. With the right choice of materials, sub-surface printing fully protects graphics from abrasion as well as protection against various oils, greases, and solvents Due to the tactile characteristics of both Polycarbonate and Polyester, embossing can be easily integrated into the manufacturing of overlays and membranes to give buttons a positive feel and a three dimensional appearance.

Surface Printing

Surface screen printing offers a wide range of styles, materials and designs to suit our clients requirements and specification, pantone, Ral and British standard colour matching or a combination of these in either solvent based or UV cured inks are employed depending on the substrate being printed. Screen printing is ideally suited wherever a high degree of coverage, precise detail and colour intensity are required to obtain a brilliant, high-quality image.


The process of anodising opens up the pores of the aluminium, a printed dye is then introduced into the porous surface layer. The pores are then sealed, trapping the ink into the surface. This process changes the chemical composition of the aluminium, forming a hardened layer which provides protection from corrosion, and increases resistance to wear and abrasion. The surface appearance is resistant to marking from fingerprints and makes for a functional and decorative label.

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